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I was in Los Angeles at a bar on Santa Monica blvd when I bumped into a group of friends.

One of them had this smile on his face, so I asked him what he was smiling about. He told me that he was day dreaming about this heart throb he had just seen on your site. Now I am not one to go crazy over guys, but he kept going on and on about it. So at the end of the evening and a few drinks drunker, I went home and logged onto, I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was looking at this hunky, Latin God, his uncut had so much foreskin that I instantly got hard. His smooth muscles and beautiful lips made me want to see more. I could not believe his cock was the size of a large 32 oz ID lube bottle. His shaft to sleak and his ass so round and firm you could bounce a quarter off of it. The next day I seen my friend and he could tell looking at my smile that I too was day dreaming about this Latin Jock called Nando. I am in Love.
Brian - Los Angeles, CA


I am obsessed with foreskin, and Latin hombres. If I could I would watch porn all day long, but unfortunately I cant but I do try as often as possible. The thing I like about you guys is I can always get something new, I love the guys that you find. They are so hot. All those un-cut cocks. I especially love watching young boyish guys fucking big muscular one, watching those cock pounding just drives me crazy. They really look like they enjoy flexing and posing in front of the camera and on video. If I had to say I had a fetish it would definitely have to be Latin Men. Thanks for making my weeks full.
Thomas – Boston, Mass

If I had one wish it would be to one day be able to sit in the room while you guys shoot some of these manly Spanish hunks. I really like Brazilians, Cubans, Mexicans, and Puerto Rican guys, but I would not shy away from any type of Latin guy. I just love Latinos with there dark hair, deep brown eyes, and full lushish lips. Its that type of guy I am one day going to marry when it becomes legal. Is there any way you can make my wish come true. Yours truly,
Sam Smith, New York, NY



I don’t know where to begin. I am sure you get emails all the time saying what an amazing job you guys do. I mean you never fail to surprise me. You guys must work incredibly hard making sure that each and every week we have something to look forward to. I usually leave my weekends free to see all of that amazing adult content that you have put up during the week. I mean come Friday after a long day, I love coming home and relaxing with a beer in one hand and my uncut cock in the other. I log on and put on my window media player, and watch all those hot, and steamy video clips you will have released that week. Then I check out all those hot pics. I especially like the butt hole ones. You know the pics where the guy is fingering himself. Ohh It makes me tingle. I just wanted to let you guys know that I think you doing an incredible job and keep up the good work.
Alexander- Phoenix, Az.